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Arrow "Living Proof" Episode Recap

Oliver finds himself in a precarious position; S.C.P.D. shows up with a warrant for Felicity.

Everything the team has worked so hard for with trying to bring around vigilantes is all destroyed thanks to Emiko. Well, part of it was their fault for lying about a few things instead of just telling the truth right off the bat. But at the same time, they were trying to protect their friends.

The gang is trapped in a building after Emiko set a bomb off inside. Oliver was separated from the team too. So while he's wrestling with what decision to make about Emiko, the rest of the team try to find their way out of the building before it explodes. Since the generator kicked on, they have a bigger problem. The stuff that was in there was flammable. So either shut the thing off or get out there as fast as you can. Roy does a stupid death defying stunt to save his friends and shuts the thing off. Of course, knew he couldn't die since he's alive and well in the future. But it made me wonder, does Dinah maybe have feelings for Roy? Or was that just me that saw that?

I feel like Oliver has had to deal with this whole, do you kill someone or not kill someone before mess? Maybe it's just one of those things that never got resolved, but I'm pretty sure we've been here before with him. Tommy is trying to talk some sense into Oliver for not wanting to just go and kill Emiko. Sure she's evil, probably the worst villain (killing wise) the show has ever had, but does Oliver really want to give into that part of himself again or really try to get away from it? It was nice to see Tommy again, though.

Felicity is dealing with a battle of her own, with the police. Emiko decides to leak the video of Roy killing that security guard to the police and now the police are looking through Felicity's apartment for everything they can find and almost get arrested too if it wasn't for Felicity's security system. I would not want to get on Felicity's bad side.

The future scenes were a little confusing, but they always are to me. William is still very furious with his mother for not wanting him and completely ignoring him while he was growing up and then surprise, he had another sibling that they did keep. I'd be mad too, but Felicity had good reasons for everything. Especially in this episode when William wanted to do his plan instead of listening to his mother that she was trying to protect him. Which she was. Thanks to William's plan, he and Rene are both kidnapped now and they now found the rest of the team too. So much for staying in hiding. 

The team finally get out of the building and now the biggest question of all is, is Oliver going to get revenge and kill his half sister once he finds her? I almost thought he was going to because they get to the police station and it's a slaughter scene. Emiko got there first with her team and they are killing everyone in sight and framing Oliver and his team in the process. Oliver gets the stand off he wants with Emiko but with a surprise twist. He decides not to kill Emiko after all and tries to talk sense into her. But that just doesn't go over as planned and Oliver and his team get arrested instead.