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NCIS: New Orleans "A House Divided" Episode Recap

A Navy lieutenant from a well-connected family has a fatal fall down a flight of stairs.

Ugh rich people. They act so differently from the normal people. Just because you have money doesn't mean anything. But they don't realize that until something bad happens to them that could change their good name forever. That's what happened to the Prescott's.

This well known, rich family had it made. They had an attorney who answered to their every call. Even if it was covering up a murder. She was soooooo annoying almost to the point where I actually thought she's the one who did it. 

But all this drama just led to the real reason why the two sons got killed. Wyatt, the perfect child, the one who held the family together. Wanted to confront his brother, Bryce, about his smuggling ring because their mother wanted to merge the business. But if the business they were merging with found out about the smuggling ring they were hiding, the Prescott's business and name would be done for. They were so high up that no matter what someone did they would lose their job.

Even Pride started to get nervous working the case. It didn't stop him to get to the bottom of it, but he was worried about everybody working for him that they'd end up without a job because they poked the wrong bear. So Pride found a way around it. Instead of looking at the death of Wyatt, they started to look at the life instead and guess what, it lead to the reason why he was killed.

The mom. It was totally on accident. Well, sort of. The mom wanted to confront Bryce herself about the smuggling ring before Wyatt went to the cops, but Wyatt is such a goodie goodie that he wouldn't even cover up for his family. So the mom ended up giving him some drugs to slow him down, but she mixed a little too much and Wyatt ended up tripping and taking the fast way down the stairs.

Not only that, but Caleb, the other son, killed Bryce because Caleb thought Bryce was the reasoning for Wyatt's death. So their whole name and everybody in their family either got ruined or killed. Money doesn't solve everything.

Got to learn a little about Sebastian's past. He went to a boarding school for the rich kids and he was actually the only one there who wasn't rich. So he knew how to deal with the rich family and it annoyed Tammy so much so until Sebastian had to explain "rich people talk" to her. That's when when we learn of his past at the school. He survived by first starting to make fun of himself before they could and he also created a algorithm that would work with the stock market. Tammy wondered why he never invested himself. But it's because he already has what he wants. A happy life and the job he's always wanted.