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Riverdale "The Dark Secret of Harvest House" Episode Recap

Veronica stages an elaborate plan; Betty makes a chilling discovery; Jughead finds himself one step closer to unmasking the Gargoyle King.

A lot went down in this episode. From Jughead helping Ethel whom I'm still not quite sure if I can trust her or not, to what Betty found out the farm was actually doing. I don't even know where to start.

But let's just start with Ethel and Jughead. Betty sends Jughead on a "quest" to find out who she got the envelope from at the prom. The envelope passed many hands that night, but Jughead finally found out who it came from, some kid named Drew. But it didn't stop there.

Jughead had to find where, Ricky, the kid that Archie "found" that one night was located at before it was too late since Ricky had his turn at "ascending". Still real creepy that it seems like everybody, well, almost everybody, is involved in this game one way or another. That or the farm. I don't think Jellybean can be trusted either. She did tell Jughead where Ricky was but I'm pretty sure that was all a big trap to try and kill Jughead. 

Of course, that just led him to Ethel, who was hiding, in the bunker. She's like Peter Pan in this story. The boys that tried to kill Jughead, are her lost boys and she's in charge of them. A direct order from the Gargoyle King. Surprise, surprise, that she's still playing the game. This time, however, I think she's finally learned her lesson to stop. That is, if we can trust her. She did tell the kids to stand down on killing Jughead. But they themselves were almost get attacked by Black Hood.

However, it did lead Ethel to finally reveal who the Gargoyle King really is. We all know this isn't true, Jason Blossom! Though Jughead did reveal that his coffin was empty, I know that's not the case now. 

Then there's the farm. Which I do love this story better then the game one. But after this episode, the farm took a very creepy twist. There's this procedure everybody can't wait to do because it somehow gets "rid" of the bad parts inside them. Betty, of course, did a little snooping, once she realized she was being hypnotized and got to the real truth of what is really going on there. Edgar is harvesting organs from his so called "disciples"! She finally snapped Cheryl out of the trance she was in and Toni understood what was going on. However, Kevin and Fangs....

Yeah, I wanted to hit them. Either they really know what's going on and don't care or she needs to work a little harder on getting their attention to what's really going on there. I couldn't believe that Kevin still shut Betty down. But then again, I didn't understand why Betty didn't have the proof to show them either. Let's just hope someone gets to Betty on time.

Oh and then the part of the show that was actually, normal. Well, normal for them anyways. Veronica finally wants to take her dad down once and for all and needs Archie's help to trap Hiram in a plan to get him arrested. It was so awesome to see them working together again. And to see Archie's mom. She's so sweet. No one can replace Fred, but I'm happy with the mom being there. I'm glad everybody was behind this and was able to stop Hiram from wanting to buy Riverdale! It was a long, but well worth it wait to finally see him behind bars. But then the worst news yet. Archie finally works up the courage to tell Veronica that he wants to get back together with her, but yet again, Reggie gets there first and gets Veronica who kind of looked disappointed in that scene if you ask me.