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The Flash "The Girl With The Red Lightning" Episode Recap

Team Flash is on high alert after Cicada II threatens to unleash a dangerous virus that would put all meta-humans at risk.

The first scene we have is a look into the future. Thawne's time is finally up. I highly doubt that's really the case there. Thawne is a pain in the butt that never goes away and Ralph reminds us that "Thawne's plans has plans". I knew I should never, ever trust someone like Thawne. Especially when it comes to the West-Allen family.

The big battle with Cicada 2/Gracie finally comes to a close. They realize that she needs one more piece to her weapon to kill all MetaHumans. Not just the ones in Central City, but all over the world. Which creates panic when they release that news. I'm not totally sure why they did that but it's whatever. 

Team Flash decides to create a big amount of the cure and give it to anyone who is willing to accept it since Gracie is killing anyone with MetaHumans. And no surprise when they all learn that and then they all want the cure themselves. 

Joe is put in charge of the police station while the captain is away and Joe gets overwhelmed to say the least. He's not used to having all this pressure put on him and being the one all the people come to for advice. Cecile realizes what is going on and makes Joe realize that he truly can do this. Just pretend that your talking to Barry or any member of Team Flash when they come to him for advice. It was the best talk Joe could have gotten. It calmed him down enough to be able to calm down the crowd and get some order back.

Nora is the key to solving where Gracie is no matter how many times Barry and Iris push her into the corner and want to keep her safe. Yes, I get that they want to keep her safe, but they also want to find Gracie before it's too late and they finally realize that Nora is right. She is the key to helping them get to the bottom of this and she does. During the time Nora hunts Gracie down, they confront each other in her mind. Gracie is so upset about all the MetaHumans out there that she blames Nora and her family for creating all of them. Ok, I guess that kind of makes sense. But if she really wants to get technical, it was Thawne who did all this to begin with, not Barry and his family. 

Sherloque and Renee are the cutest thing ever! Sherloque is determined to save Renee and give her the cure. But she doesn't want it. She doesn't want to live her life in fear or to change herself because of it being dangerous if she stays who she is. So Sherloque's idea is to send her to another earth and he'll find her once all of this is done. I truly hope that he gets that wish, but I have a bad feeling knowing the Well's history of The Flash, that he won't get that chance. 

I knew Ralph was onto something. Something about the timeline just didn't add up. How would Thawne not see Gracie coming back evil? Then there's the time Gracie said "I didn't have my dagger in the future". That's what this was all about, but Ralph realized it a little too late. They destroyed the dagger or so they thought and I bet you that's exactly what Thawne wanted all along.