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Weekly TV Recap For 6/16/19

Sunday: All I watched was a couple episodes of Fuller House due to working all day.

Monday: Same as Sunday since I had to work all day -- last episode I rewatched I believe was when Steve said he'd teach Jackson how to drive. Such a fun episode and one of my faves of season 4.

Tuesday: Watched "NCIS Episode Berlin" where Ziva and Tony travel to Berlin to try to catch her father's killer. Very amazing episode. Like I've said before, season 10 has by far been my favorite. I knew something at the end was going to happen. You don't focus on two people in a car for the last 10 minutes for nothing. Still a shock to see them get hit, but I know they are both fine though.
Also watched: NCIS: New Orleans "Jackpot" 


Started rewatching "Girl Meets World" and saw Men In Black International .


Watched "NCIS Episode Revenge" where they basically get revenge for the murders of Ziva's father and Vance's wife. Such an epic conclusion to the story. And yet I know I'm gonna have to say goodbye to Ziva soon.

I've rewatched up until episode 5 of Girl Meets World. Last one I watched was when Riley and the gang learned about telling the truth. Such an important lesson for anyone.


Not much TV done as I had to work all day. Only got two episodes of Girl Meets World.


Watched "NCIS Double Blind" where you think everything will be done with the whole mess with Ziva and her revenge, but they surprise you with another little twist when Colin Hanks guests stars and starts to cause trouble.

Last Girl Meets World Episode I watched was the 1961 episode. Not one of the best ones, but still a fun episode.

Watched Arrow "Living Proof" 

Shows I've Gotten Caught Up On:

Only Riverdale so far and here are the last two recaps of the season for them: