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Weekly TV Update For: 6/10/19

So you know like vlogs, I'll just do that in blog form with TV show watching. But only on the shows I'm rewatching. I'll do actual recaps for the in season/just ended shows.

NCIS Season 10 "Chasing Ghosts":

Another amazing episode. This was the episode where the poor Navy reservist comes home to find that her husband had been "kidnapped" while she was away. Come to find out that it was just all a big plan for him to escape his wife with his money he inherited from his dad. Are all guys jerks? And this is one of those episodes that made me really love Gibbs even more. If that's possible. He may be a hard boss, but in these episodes, you know he really does care for his team. He somehow knew Ziva was secretly working on tracking down the killer of her father with the help of McGee and is letting her go and hunt him down. Which means it's getting closer to the time I have to say goodbye. At least now, thanks to stupid spoilers and my own fault for being so far behind on everything, I know it's not goodbye forever.

What I'm Binge Watching:

Fuller House. I've binged watched it before and it's a show that never gets old. Especially now. I'm at the end of season 3 or just starting season 4, I can't remember since I've binged watched, it doesn't tell me. But this is my favorite season. When the plot for who DJ picks really gets finalized and the thing I've been wanting since season 1 started finally happens. Steve and DJ finally get back together! The Tokyo episodes are still my fave even after all the rewatches I've had of them.

What I Want To Watch:

'Legacies'. I never knew that the show was coming until it was already like 3 weeks into the season and so now I want to watch it since it's finally on Netflix. Maybe I'll binge watch that soon. I also want to find time to watch the Jonas Brothers documentary that came out. If you guys didn't know, they are my most favorite band ever! I'm obsessed, in a good way. Well, if there can be a good way to be obsessed. I don't think my work would buy the "Oh the Jonas Brothers got back together and I can't make it in" excuse [insert laugh emoji].

Marvel Movie Update:

I actually haven't watched any Marvel movies since my vacation and I've been wanting to so badly! I just, again, haven't found time to actually sit down and watch a 2 and 1/2 hour movie. I think my hours at work are starting to drop a little so maybe I can get more TV stuff done. 

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