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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Missing Pieces" (Season Premiere) Episode Recap

Scattered across the galaxy, the team works to find their footing in the wake of losing Coulson.

It's been a full year since the death of Coulson and the team is trying to rebuild Shield from the ground up and make it like it used to be. Mack is doing great at being in charge, but he's afraid he isn't living up to the way Coulson did it. But Agent May just reminds Mack that he does things differently and that's ok.

So far, I'm completely confused in the season premiere. Was anybody else like that or is it just me? I felt the same as when season 5 started too so maybe that's just how they do things now. They fill in the gaps later on. 

Simmons and Daisy are off on their own with Piper and Davis trying to track down Fitz. They've been at it for a full year and still no leads. They think they finally track him down, only to come up with an empty pod. Like Davis reminded them, it's better then a body. Meaning Fitz is out there somewhere, I know he is. I don't know how because all of this is quite fuzzy to me, but I don't really care how it works as long as they find him alive and well because Fitz dying was the worst death I've ever had to watch. Why is it that my favorite characters always seem to die?!

Anyways, I got off there for a minute. Mack is trying to find some brains to the team since Simmons is off in deep space. He's put Agent May in charge of hunting that down and she turns to Dr. Benson. Who isn't thrilled at all for being dragged 2 hours away to meet up with Mack, who also isn't thrilled that Agent May invaded his happy place away from work. It took some coaxing to convince Dr. Benson to finally join the team. Once they said deep space, that had him sold.

They need extra help (aka the brains) because of their new invasion or whatever it is. These people with special powers. They are people, that much is confirmed. But I'm not sure if they are InHumans or what they are. They have some bizarre powers and are portalling to Earth. One of them doesn't make it that the team capture and learn that something is coming. 

Well, that something is like an evil version of Coulson which is going to have everyone confused at this point. I already was and when he showed up, I didn't know what to think and it was sad when he said "Shield? I don't know what that is". 

Simmons and the team are spent. Well, everyone but Simmons is ready to give up at this point. Their ship is falling apart and they are just fit to be tied at this point. But Simmons is ready to crack if she doesn't find Fitz. She knows they are so close, they just have to go a little deeper into space. No one is willing to go that deep. They don't know if they can even get out of that deep of space once they are down there. But Simmons does something so unSimmons. She betrays her team and instead of setting coordinates to Earth when they get caught by an angry ship, she sends them to the place she believes with her whole heart where Fitz is at. And she is right. The next clip we see Fitz. Not the Fitz I know, but maybe he's being forced to do this stuff. But he's alive and out there, that's all that matters.

Side Notes:

  • YoYo has a new thing for Agent Keller and doesn't want Agent May to find out. Or Mack or both or is afraid to admit that she's moving on from Mack. Which I'm actually sad to see.
  • No Deke yet, I know he comes back, but I hope it's soon. I already miss his goofy self. 
  • I do love the Daisy and Simmons team up though. That duo is very fun. 
  • Mack also wants Dr. Benson to rebuild the S.H.I.E.L.D. school to try and get S.H.I.E.L.D back to the way it used to be!
  • Two new agents so far. Agent Keller and Agent Fox. Agent Keller, I don't know much about but I already don't like him and I'm hoping he's just one of those people you just have to get to know to like.
  • Agent Fox is the one I kind of warmed up to, but he was one and done because Evil Coulson killed him. Again, my favorite characters always seem to die.