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NCIS: New Orleans "Chaos Theory" Episode Recap

The NCIS team investigates a deadly bombing at a military museum event with over 1,000 people in attendance.

Who didn't see that bomb going off? I certainly saw it coming. Ok, that sounded harsh, but I knew something had to have been coming after the two tried to disable it and apparently did, only to have it blow up anyways. But this case, was just pure revenge.

Even though I love Sebastian and wanted him to have the easy win like he did at the beginning, but I knew it wasn't going to be that simple. Cases are never solved that quickly unless it's the season finale and they need time left over for a cliffhanger.

But I felt awful for him in the episode because of how it all played out. He ended up delivering evidence to the storage place and didn't realize there was another bomb in one of the boxes. Because of this incident though, Sebastian can now convince the only person who can help with their case, the right way, since he pretty much scared her off the first time.

Sebastian, you are brave, but stupid and stubborn. Stubborn enough to the point where you almost got more hurt by not actually admitting you needed help and staying in a hospital bed. But of course, if it wasn't for his stubbornness they wouldn't have been able to make any of the progress they actually did on the case. Only to come down to the fact that they needed that piece of evidence of the bomb that was still wedged in by the girls spine that survived the bomb. Yes, it's scary, but she is really their only lead.

His stubbornness paid off and the lady agreed to get the stuff removed and they were able to track down Colton, the real master mind behind all of this who wanted revenge for Alice (the lady who disarmed the bomb) because she was the lead on a case he was involved in.

It's always awesome to see Sebastian take the lead and be able to shine. I love how his character has grown, I just wish they'd give some screen time to Chris. He did get to have a very cool chase scene at the end, but still not enough for me.

I love Sebastian and Tammy's friendship. Though Sebastian seems to be just as stubborn as a patient, but Tammy's no walk in the park as a nurse either. However, their friendship just works somehow. On the other hand though, I do wonder if there's something more brewing there. But if it doesn't, I'm just happy that they are friends.