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NCIS "Silent Service" Episode Recap

After Petty Officer Robert White is mysteriously murdered on a submarine, Gibbs and Ellie and the team go to investigate, but only Gibbs and Ellie stay behind on the sub to find out who the killer is and they realize much more is happening aboard the sub.

Rule #39 was used so much in this episode "There's no such thing as coincidences" that I feel like the episode itself should have been called "Rule #39". The minute the guy was murdered, to all the sudden ops they were getting and not letting anyone off was just bizarre, to the point that even Ellie couldn't let the weird feeling go no matter how scared she was to be under there.

I'd so be Ellie in this situation. Although I know she had a certain thing happen to her, I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Or maybe it was nothing that was ever mentioned. She did just come into the episodes I'm rewatching though so maybe I'll be reminded soon because I felt like everyone knew what she was talking about. Or maybe she's just like me who's claustrophobic and can't stand not being able to get out of something because I for one, would have so been having a panic attack on that ship. But at the same time, I wouldn't have actually gone on it either.

But I loved Gibbs in these scenes with Ellie. He knew how terrified she was of the whole situation they were in and he was trying to get her mind off of it by saying they weren't in as bad as a situation as they were in. Until finally she couldn't take that response anymore and got the truth out of him. That this wasn't all routine. That they were seriously in trouble and needed to solve the murder to find out what was really going on.

Although, I had it pegged by this point. That the Petty Officer had stumbled onto the truth about what was going to take place on the ship and someone killed him to keep him quiet and that's exactly what happened. But I just hadn't figured out the why.

The why was because this guy, Miller, was just crazy and wanted to start a World War 3. Why? Well, just because he felt like we had gone soft. Thanks to McGee and his geek friends, he was able to send the correct message to the sub and get them to stop World War 3 from happening and to resurface and bring everybody home safely.

The office gossip in this episode was making sure Nick had plenty of money in retirement. Only because he doesn't think it necessary to save. So that issues an argument from McGee telling him that he should always be prepared. Only to find out that Nick in fact, is going to do just fine. Even better then just fine. 

But that also gets Nick thinking about life after work. He ended up spilling the fact that he may indeed want a family at one point down the line. That McGee has the better life. But McGee was telling Nick he had the better life. He can do whatever he wants, literally, because he's like crazy rich! And how cute was it that Nick seemed totally worried about Ellie being stuck in a sub because he knew what her fear was? McGee just played it off as "Oh they'll both be fine". I'm sure Nick was worried about Gibbs too, but I'm sure his main focus was on Ellie. Then how cute was his concern at the end when she finally did make it back to her office? Yes, I ship them.

I am so thrilled that Ducky isn't retiring after all. Because I was not ready for a sad farewell at the end. But I had mixed feelings since I'm a huge fan of Jimmy's and I know this will mean more screen time for Jimmy and yay for that! But they are putting Ducky's history knowledge to use and he is now an NCIS Historian. Perfect role for Ducky and one assuring us that he isn't gone forever.