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Supergirl "The Quest For Peace" (Season Finale) Episode Recap

Lex Luthor descends upon Washington, D.C. and summons Lena and Lillian to the White House; When Supergirl realizes she has the one last chance to stop Lex, she turns to the power of the press to help.

You know, I don't normally like villains, but Lex is the exception in this case for me. He's actually the reason why I loved the last half of the season much better then the first half. I don't know why that is, but he's just always an amazing villain. 

It's no surprise at all that his biggest plan was to rule the world, literally and he finally did just that. He had his hand in everything. From Ben getting the rise to fame he did, to the President actually getting to be the President as well. I found myself surprised that he ended up being in charge of everything, but I shouldn't be. I know Lex and that's what he's always wanted.

But the good guys won't go down without a fight. And now they have an advantage. Lex has no clue that Kara actually lived the fight with Red Daughter and it worked the way they wanted. They caught Lex off guard. Not for long, but just enough to stop the other plan Lex had up his sleeve. That one that no one knew about. He wanted to blow up the very planet that Superman is living on with his family.

They do get to stop that from happening and what everything else Lex had up his sleeves, but J'onn and Dreamer almost died in the process. I knew Nia was the key to getting the old Brainy back. I'm just annoyed no one noticed that Brainy wasn't himself and wanted to help figure out why that was. But when Dreamer decided she could help J'onn overload the missile system from launching, that made Brainy snap out of his emotionless state. Seeing the woman he loves risk her life. They do end up stopping it though and both do live. 

I actually started to feel bad for Red Daughter. Kara tried warn her that Lex never let's anyone in no matter how hard they want to believe his lies. Red Daughter realizes at just the right time what she has to do. She's actually the main reason why Kara lives. Red Daughter jumped right in front of a kryptonite blast.

After the epic battle, Lena realizes where Lex is going to go back to and meets him there, gives him the cure and then kills him! I actually didn't think she had it in her to kill her own family, but I mean, it is Lex. But he lived long enough to destroy her own world. By telling Lena the truth. That Kara is Supergirl and everyone she loves has been lying to her. I knew this day would come, but I was just hoping Kara would be able to tell her. I know she keeps wanting to, but something else is always in the way.

Now we finally have peace. Ben and his gang get locked up. James is back to being human and well. Supergirl is a hero again and everybody is ok, well, as ok as they will ever be with the aliens. No one is filling their minds with lies about them. The President gets arrested. And I really loved this scene. Where Ben's son went live on TV and told the city that his dad was wrong. That they need to work together and try to get along and the best part of all? His dad was watching the whole speech. He didn't look too thrilled, but I'm glad his son took a different turn.

The only person we haven't seen, is Lena. What's she doing with the news of betrayal? Is she gonna confront it like an adult or let it eat at her like it did to Lex? I mean, she knows how that turned out. But she arrives to the card game and seems like she's playing it off as no big deal, for now. That picture smashing frame did not seem like that would last long. A betrayal like that won't go down easy and I'm assuming Lena will lean more towards what Lex did then just trying to brush it off like not big deal. Even though Kara so wanted to tell Lena again, but Alex talked her out of it.

What in the world is Eve involved in? She did all this, working with Lex, etc. for some people that she's so afraid of, she's running away from. But the old lady that met up with Eve reminded her that they are everywhere. Then the Monitor is back, yep the same one that took Oliver away (so not too thrilled to see him) and brought an evil alien down to earth to seek revenge on J'onn. The Monitor also went and visited Lex, so let's just say I won't be surprised if Lex is some how back to life in the next season. And am I ok with that? Yes, yes, I am.