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Supergirl "Red Dawn" Episode Recap

Kara comes face to face with Red Daughter and the two engage in an epic battle.

Alex is finally starting to remember who Supergirl really is. Now that can be harmful to her, but Kara is determined to help Alex out with that. J'onn says that if Kara tells Alex herself about who she really is, then that could actually in turn, make Alex go insane because of the memory wipe he had on her. So, they conclude the best way to make Alex remember, is for her to accidentally find out.

Which is just what happens. It was heartbreaking when they had to take her memory away. Because I believe that's one of the heart and souls of the whole show, is their friendship and with that missing, the show just hasn't been the same. It would have been nice for Alex to have remembered sooner, but I guess it was better late then never.

We actually have Red Daughter to thank for getting Alex's memories back. It was because of that epic battle between Kara and Red Daughter, that actually jarred Alex's memory while she stood by watching the horrible fight unfold and then seeing what we all thought had happened, Kara getting killed. 

One threat is sort of done because I don't know what went on in Red Daughter's mind when she heard explosions off in the distance or while she was watching the whole Alex/Kara don't die scene in front of her. But I think something changed inside of her. I believe it was supposed to have been the real Supergirl who went after the explosion and Lex killed her because of it thinking it was Kara. I could be wrong and maybe killing Red Daughter was the whole plan to begin with (the plan was a little fuzzy to me so I don't remember it too well). But now the world thinks that Supergirl was the threat and that Lex is the true hero now and that's really all Lex wanted. The only thing I didn't like about this part is how the General just all of the sudden turned around and believed Kara and Alex's story about the threat on earth and about Lex being involved, in well, everything. That seemed a little fishy to me.

Now onto Ben. Who actually didn't realize that Lex was behind his whole raise to fame at all and after Lena delivered that truth bomb, Ben wanted to get the info from the source, well Otis, not sure if that's a true source of info or not, directly. Which he does. Ben learns that this was all Lex's doing, not Ben's and he's not at all pleased about it. But the Harun-El stuff starts to backfire on him and on James too. Lena starts to realize that this stuff is destroying their bodies and that she has to find a solution to help James out and quick before it's too late.

That's where Lena's mother comes into play. I don't get why people don't like Lena. She is cool, but I still have a funny feeling that it's gonna be like Lex and Superman. They were best friends too until Lex realized that Clark was hiding the biggest secret of all from him. But anyways, Lena gets some sort alien thing that makes people tell the truth and brings it to her mother to make her stay focused and on the right path to help find a solution to the Harun-El. Which she does, but James in the end, doesn't want to take it. At least, not yet. He wants to keep his strength because he knows something bad is coming and doesn't want to stand on the sidelines and do nothing.

J'onn, Brainy and Nia all decide to track down a warehouse where they have aliens to help save them from wherever Lex is sending them off to. But all doesn't go as planned. Thanks to Brainy wanting to tell Nia how he truly feels about her (he loves her!), he wants to do what she wants, of course, typical guy. Their plan worked, for the most part. Pretend to be Ben and "capture Nia". They just didn't realize that the guards would have things to reveal who the person really was. So now their plan just went from bad, to worse and J'onn had to stand by and watch.

Brainy has been my favorite character this season, so I'm real mad about what happened here. Whatever that alien torture device thing they were using on Brainy, makes him reboot, but not back to the Brainy I love, but back to an awful Brainy who has zero emotions and seems to be out for revenge now because "he is free". J'onn knows something is wrong with Brainy, but he hasn't quite figured it out yet. Brainy finds Nia, but decides to leave her behind because he thinks this is a better plan. Nia is more frustrated then anything I think, to realize that there's something seriously wrong with Brainy. But I believe she's the only one who can kick him out of this.