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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Inescapable " Episode Recap

Fitz and Simmons have fought through space, time and alternate realities to find each other, and now, closer than ever, only their own demons can stop their mission.

Ok, can I have more just Fitzsimmons filled episodes? This was beyond amazing! From the on point acting to the story, plus it involving my favorite characters, it is by far my favorite episode and can we get a few more like these again, please?

First, I was shocked/surprised that Fitz and Simmons were both together in the same place and not being tortured or anything and they were all having a pleasant time getting caught up. Up until the point Fitz kept prying Gemma for the answer as to why she won't talk about the future. That's when everything goes wrong. And that's just an understatement.

I, for one, was completely confused as to why things would just suddenly appear and then when Gemma turned into her 7 year old self and how Fitz just wound up in her bedroom. They they realized that they were in fact in a mind prison. That all of this wasn't real. But that still made the demons coming after them quite scary.

They are both kind of twisted when you think about it. Fitz to have a double that he buries deep down from ever coming out, to Gemma keeping all of her awful memories hidden away in that jewelry box and now thanks to this show, jewelry boxes creep me out. 

Even though all their confrontations weren't really real, I hope they remember all of this and what they lashed out at each other about. I think they both needed to get things off their chests. 

But the worst thing? Yes besides the creepy jewelry box doll. Was when Fitz learned of his death in the future. Now he realized why Gemma has been so closed off from talking about the truth of what actually went down. And come on, Iain deserves an Emmy for this role! His acting in this whole episode/show has been beyond amazing. The main reason why Fitz is my fave character. I don't know what was worse, though. Fitz realizing he dies in one of the stories (but he did die a hero, but still, he died) or when he finds out that Coulson actually dies too. 

Throughout all this, Enoch is trying to convince Atarah that all of this is wrong. Going about saving their planet this way, could actually destroy Fitz and Simmons in the present. Enoch wrestled with having to help Atarah and his people or someone who he started to consider a friend. In the end, Enoch did make the right choice and saved Fitz and Simmons. I'm not sure where they are off to now or how they will get home, but they are out of that awful prison. They really do survive everything don't they?

Side Notes:

  • Seeing when Fitz and Simmons first met Coulson was awesome. Just seeing them relive their memories was really cool. Even if some of them were heartbreaking.
  • It looks like back home that Mack is catching Daisy up on everything and vice versa. But it sounds like Daisy can't do another time jump. So how do they get home now?
  • Fitz proposed again! I never get tired of seeing that. However, it was sad that he was so upset to learn that he had actually done it before. I don't know why he was upset but I still felt bad for him.
  • At the last second, Simmons told Fitz that he's a grandfather! We only caught part of his reaction before they disappeared off the ship. But he was quite confused. Just wait until you meet your grandson. Can't wait to see that reunion!