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NCIS: New Orleans "Judgment Call" Episode Recap

Hanna breaks protocol and puts her in hot water with the big bosses.

The season starts afresh seeing as we had no cliffhanger or storyline to drag over into the premiere. Pride is being questioned about what he's done in the past while his team is off with the FBI tracking down a dirty bomb.

While waiting for the go ahead to go and ambush the team and get this bomb back, Hanna realizes that there is what appears to be two innocent women in the kitchen chatting and she feels the need to defy what the guy in charge (Harper) says and goes in and tries to rescue them because she believes they are innocent. Because of this, the bomb gets away, 3 people get injured and it turns out that the girls weren't that innocent after all.

Now Hanna gets in trouble for defying orders because Harper's ego got bruised and he's pushing back. Whereas if Pride did this (and he has, they were just talking about it at the beginning), he'd get a metal and so Hanna is very frustrated and thinks something else is going on. I can't help but wonder if she is right too. I see where both people are coming from though, so I'm not sure who's side I'm fully on. However, I do believe Harper is pushing just a little too hard and I can't help but wonder if it's because Hanna is a woman.

Because of all this Pride has to cut his vacation short. It was so sweet that he was doing things with Rita again. I missed seeing her. And their relationship seems to be doing well since she met his mother for the first time. But his mom isn't doing great at all. It was heartwrenching watching those scenes. 

Even though Hanna is suspended, she's a lot like Pride in this and won't take no for an answer especially if it's something she can help fix and try to make right. So she gets involved even though it could put her in more danger of losing her job, which it did. Sure, they ended up finding the bomb and then the drugs and Hanna even talked the guy down from killing the military base. But does that help her out of her situation? Nope, it makes it worse because she was supposed to stand down and didn't again. Pride knows this is wrong because he's done what she has done and he hasn't gotten as in trouble as she has.

Pride ends up going to bat for Hanna. Pride gets his old job back (it's about time!), but Hanna will have to step down and lose her team. She'll still be apart of it, just not in charge anymore. All she's ever wanted is to have a team and now she doesn't know what to do. In fact, she's so frustrated that she wants to quit. It's because of her daughter, that helped her realize she wants to stay home and be with her.

Pride isn't doing so well himself. I mean, after being drugged up like he was last year, it's understandable. He was hoping he'd get a chance to rest and relax before jumping back into work, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen any time soon. He isn't sleeping and because of it, he's starting to see things. I still don't know if that whole scene at the end was real or just a vivid dream. I half expected the blonde lady from his weird visions to pop up. Let's hope that doesn't happen and let's hope Pride gets the help he really needs.