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NCIS "Out Of Darkness" Season Premiere Episode Recap

Ziva is back!

Let's all just a take a moment to let that sink in. The team found out little by little and some took the news a lot harder then others. While Jimmy felt like he was gonna pass out, McGee lashed out at Ellie for keeping the secret.

I don't see Ellie being in the wrong. Sure McGee did deserve to know, but Ellie was keeping Ziva's secret and keeping them safe for the most part. Until whatever Ziva got involved got too close to home and she had to come to the rescue/get revenge.

Sahar has taken revenge on Ziva. We actually don't really know why. All we know is that it must have been bad enough for a lady like this to go after Ziva. 

It's so fun seeing Ziva after all these years. But there's something different about her. She's still the same, amazing person, but just something seems off and I haven't quite put my finger on what it is. We did learn that Ziva has aniexty now. Not totally sure what has triggered all of that, but hopefully we will start to learn more of Ziva's back story soon.

She does have the necklace that very dear to her. Come to find out, it's the only thing she has left that reminds her of her daughter who's somewhere with Tony. Tony has no idea of Ziva's being alive. Let's hope he finds out soon.

I did love the fact that we didn't question if Ziva was alive or if it was just another figment of Gibbs' imagination. For a while there, I was beginning to wonder if they'd play off of that for an episode or so. I'm glad they didn't, though.

Their relationship is a little faltered though. We learn that after all this time, Ziva was hurt by the fact that Gibbs didn't search for her at all after he learned of her death. She was like a daughter to him, but he just blew it off like it didn't matter. Well, I personally don't think he just blew it off. I think he was in shock and didn't know how to handle it and wanted to move on as quickly as he could. We all know how Gibbs is about feelings. 

So much for keeping Ziva a secret. By now in the episode, everybody knows about her coming back and helping Gibbs and Vance is pretty ticked that no one has looped him into anything and so is Jack (because come on we all know by now that she secretly loves Gibbs, she practically admitted it last season). And he pretty much demanded the team to go and help Gibbs out. This is why I love this team so much. McGee and Ellie and even Nick who didn't even know Ziva, all stood up to Vance and told him no. Ziva knows what she is doing.

Let's hope so because she is so focused on getting revenge, she doesn't know what'll happen to her afterwards. Gibbs really tries to reason with her but does it do any good? He wants to do this his way because he knows what it's like going after someone and killing them out of revenge and how that changes someone. He doesn't want Ziva to go through that either. But we won't know until next week if Gibbs gets through to her.