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Hawaii Five-0 "E Uhi Ana Ka Wa I Hala I Na Mea I Hala " Episode Recap

This is a case Jerry would have loved!

Before Grover even mentioned it, with all the conspiracy theories, I immediately thought of Jerry and missed him because this was right up his alley. A plane mysteriously went down in 1983 and was suddenly found in the present time, but somehow a dead diver was stuck in the wreckage. Now because of all this attention, they have more then one case to figure out.

While Adam, Tani, Grover and Jr are working on that one, Steve and Quinn are following Colin. Who really is super shady so they shouldn't have any problem trying to pin something on him. However, it takes a nasty turn at the end.

Again, Colin should realize who he's up against because hello, you would not want to go up against Steve. But he'll learn his lesson. Yes, I could be wrong, but I won't be surprised if Colin actually didn't end up dying in that house explosion. I think it was all apart of the plan. I'm not sure how he got out and again he could be dead, but I won't be surprised if he isn't.

Not only did that happen but all that money the bad guys dug up and Steve and Quinn couldn't go after? They planted it in her apartment to get her arrested! This guy will do anything to get out of jail. 

Adam was gun ho on the conspiracy theory about the plane but this part lost me so I'm not totally sure if the money and the theory were one in the same or not. But they ended up finding out that there was a lot of money on the plane and so the guy, Joe at the beginning was actually the bad guy who found someone to go and get the money. But they wanted it for themselves and tried to kill everybody. But of course, they got caught, so it didn't do them any good.

Only downside to this episode was no Danny. But I just don't know why I can't like Quinn. Am I alone in this? She just reminds me so much of Catherine. And I'm positive now that she's the new love interest. But Steve did offer her a job at Five-0 and she accepted it. So it looks like she's around for the long hall. Maybe I just have to put aside my comparisons on the two characters and just get to know Quinn and see if I like her.