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Hawaii Five-0 "Kuipeia E Ka Makani Apaa " Episode Recap

Eddie the wonder dog!

Not only did Eddie save Steve from his house blowing up, but he was the real hero of this whole episode. I forgot that Eddie can sniff out bombs and he knew immediately that something wasn't right. Which tipped Steve off to call the bomb squad and get him to his house right away. They all have one answer as to who planted the bomb, Colin. Some nerve this guy has getting fresh out of jail and already going after the guy that put him there. Trust me, you don't wanna mess with Steve! But they never learn.

Now onto the case at hand. Tani and Jr are coming back from a surfing trip. One where Jr is hurt by the fact that Tani is better at something then he is. Typical guy, but I think there's more to it there. They so like each other and it plays out big time in this episode.

There's also another couple that is bickering but thanks to what's about to happen, it looks like their marriage gets saved after all. The very tunnel they go in gets a massive cave in. It wasn't a natural disaster. There was a prison van going in and they wanted to get the prisoner out and planted bombs to go off to trap people inside. They weren't expecting Tani and Jr to be on the outside when it happened so they could plan their escape without anyone ever knowing.

Thanks to Tani and Jr for being in the right place at the right time. They decide to go in and try to figure out how to get people out while they wait for backup but things get worse when they realize what was really going on. It gets worse too because now the bad guys escaped and set off another bomb that trapped them all inside.

This is where awesome Eddie comes to the rescue. He's the only one small enough to get through to the people in the cave in to get help and figure out a way out. They finally do get out though. But Jr gets a little beat up along the way. Of course it had to be him, though right? After they figured out how to get everybody out, Jr was the last to go and the rope ended up snapping in half right when he was just about to make it. So Tani said she'd go in after him, but we all know the real reason as to why she went in after him.

So yes, everybody makes it out alive and they have an awesome get together at the end to celebrate and Eddie gets a nice big stake all to himself. Which makes Danny none too pleased. But come on dude, he deserved it! Who else loved that look that Grover gave Tani like "Girl, just tell Jr that you love him already". Everybody knows by now. The new girl is there to join in on the celebration since she helped big time in the capturing of the bad guys. That's one thing that annoyed me about this episode. Not only does Quinn look like Catherine, they are kind of repeating her storyline again too. With Steve calling her for help only she can do, etc. But whatever.  It was an awesome episode aside from that.