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NCIS "Into the Light " Episode Recap

"Into the Light" or as I'd like to call it, the "Ziva Reunion Episode"

I did not see all this coming so I'm not sure if I enjoyed the storyline or all the reunions itself and which reunion I enjoyed most. 

There was one attitude I could have done without though. While I love Kaci, I didn't like her negative attitude about "Oh big deal, Ziva has come back I'll meet her if I meet her". I guess there had to be one negative nelly in the bunch and I guess it had to be her. Ziva is a legend, she deserves respect and I feel like Kaci's attitude wasn't respectful at all. But that could just be me.

Ok, with that out of the way let's talk about how amazing this episode was. The first one back to officially meet Ziva is Ducky. Which was really sweet and Ducky tried to talk about the whole Gibbs thing but she didn't want to. Then the epic one happened. Ellie meeting Ziva. Ellie made a surprise trip down to where Gibbs and Ziva were just to meet the legend. She knew she had to do the surprise visit because she wanted to meet Ziva that badly. 

McGee comes next with meeting Ziva. Though Ellie warned him that she may not be the same woman he remembers. Ziva hasn't had an easy life but I know that Ziva we all know and love is still inside her. She just has to get the bad guys off her tail so she can finally relax and be with her family (and yes that includes Tony!). The only person who never got to officially meet her was Jimmy and I was bummed about that because he had so many questions to ask her.

Ok, who else loved that epic fight scene with Nick and Ziva to draw out the bad guys? I loved it that Ziva was one step ahead of them. Even though it almost seemed like she was working with the bad lady herself. Which she sort of was, but she was being a triple agent. Ziva knew the only way to bring this lady down was to make it look like she was working with her and Ziva planted bugs and hints along the way so the team would reach them in time to save the day. This time, Gibbs wasn't wrong and was able to clear the air with Ziva.

Gibbs did wonder all those years ago, if Ziva wasn't dead, but he was too afraid to go out there looking for the truth because he didn't want to lose her again if she ended up really being dead. And here's Ziva waiting with all hope that he'd come looking for her and he never did. She was actually there when McGee and Gibbs got kidnapped and was inches from saving them too but the rescue team got to them before her. But she is the very reason why they haven't had anyone come after revenge. I loved that little surprise drop in there.

Ziva does say she has one last thing to do before she leaves to go back to her family. We don't know what that is and I'm curious as to know if we ever find out. It sounds like Tony has been calling to figure out what is going on and it also sounded like he'd be getting a surprise visit very soon. Oh how I'd wish we could see that reunion. It was an awesome episode and I really hope this isn't goodbye from Ziva. I really did miss her working with the team and now it's McGee's turn to correct her English. I guess the saying is true. You don't realize how much you love something until you don't have it anymore.