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NCIS: LA "Decoy" Episode Recap

Where is everybody?

Yep, the whole team is still split up and even more so after Deeks gets called away to LAPD for some weird meetings. I missed having his sense of humor on the episode though. Instead, we got stuck with Hamilton.

Who isn't a bad guy at all. Just something I didn't quite like about him and I'm not sure why. He and Kensi worked really well together and he's not afraid to get in there and get the job done. Plus he's very encouraging to Kensi when she misses something very big in their case. 

Their case is, that these bodyguards to a case they had last year. I don't remember the details, but the guy ended up dying because they thought he was the ring leader for this heavy arms dealer. When in fact it turned out to be his girlfriend. She needed a fall guy because she didn't want to be the face of an arm dealers. Once Kensi realized this, she beat herself up a bit not noticing it sooner. After a nasty shoot out, the case was over and done with.

Sam and Callen are in Israel hunting down a major drug dealer. That's why Hetty had them stay behind. Not to mention Callen got closure with Eliana and to figure out why their relationship didn't work out. She said at first that her cover was blown and she needed to get out right away, but there was more to it then that. She realized that she wasn't the lady Callen was looking for. I don't know how I feel about Eliana. I don't know much about her, but is it wrong that I don't want her back? I don't know I might like her if I get to know her more. But I don't like it when people get back together even after they realize they weren't that great together. But I might change my mind later. Could just be how I'm feeling now. Plus I think Callen needs to lay low right now with the whole love thing.

While Callen and Eliana are stuck in the van watching the warehouse to figure out where the drugs are, Sam gets to kidnap and interrogate the only person they could find that would know where the drugs were being held at. Sam is scary good at interrogating someone and got the info he needed. The guy just needed some coaxing to get the job done.

So their case got wrapped up too and Eliana kissed Callen goodbye after she told him she knew she wasn't the person he was looking for. So another reason to believe that this was just more of a closure type thing then "oh, is she his new love interest?" type thing. Again, I could be wrong though. 

Nell is back at home but Eric is still with the security company and she hardly ever hears from him. Only just one episode and I already miss Eric. This could be why I didn't enjoy the episode much. We didn't have nerdy Eric or the Deeks with the comedic relief. It was a good episode and it sounds like the team will hopefully be reunited soon, but it was just sort of an eh episode for me. Don't get me wrong though, this is still my fave spin off from all of them, though and it's only one episode, I'm sure the rest of the season won't be like this one.