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NCIS: LA "Hail Mary" Episode Recap

The team is reunited!

Hallelujah! I knew it wouldn't take long for the whole team to be back together. Only person missing this time was Hetty and while I love her character, she's been gone so much anyways, that I'm not surprised when she isn't there. I'm surprised when she is there. 

Yep, Sam, Callen, Deeks, Kensi, Eric and Nell have all reunited and things get back to normal. However, their new case is anything but normal when Admiral Killbride involves them in a very hush hush case. So hush hush that not even they know what's going on. 

The Admiral just keeps telling them "It's need to know!". I think we are way past the need to know phase and they actually need to know it now because it was quite a crazy case. With a very annoying man tied up in the bedroom (not as weird as it sounds), to their other suspect just up and dying, it was a strange case to say the least.

Now that I remember, we actually aren't sure how the kid ended up dying. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The Admiral is on a secret mission to find Jess Adams. She works for the Navy and has all the Navy secrets so she is a very high risk person. No wonder someone wanted to kidnap her and sell her to the highest bidder and why the Admiral was so not being himself in the whole thing and why the Navy itself was being so hush hush about the missing person.

That leads to the case at hand. The Admiral decides to play the part of the kidnap guy in the bedroom to go to a drop to get Jess back home to safety. But the meet goes real sour real fast. This kid that's in charge is just a wanna be bad guy and probably wants to get the attention of his father. Who the team have to go through to get the exchange happening.

While that is all going on, the kid mysteriously dies. So now they are in an even worse situation and have to pretend that the son is still alive to pull one over on the dad to do the exchange to get Jess back. That also goes sour real quick, but this time it works in NCIS' favor since they had more time to prepare. In the end, they got Jess back and everybody is safe and sound.

However annoying Killbride may be, he is fun to be around and if we need a replacement for Hetty now and again, I wouldn't mind him in the episodes. Even though the team can't stand him. I don't blame them, but hey, they've had worse.