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NCIS: LA "Let Fate Decide" Season Premiere Episode Recap

Will the team stop World War 3 from happening?

That's the big question right now. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details of the episode before though. I kind of wish they had done a little more indepth of a "previously on" because there are certain key details I don't remember. But maybe I just have to rewatch the episode for it to jog my memory.

Deeks and Kensi are stuck in the middle of no where with the CIA unit in Iraq with Isis now hitting their spot and they are trying to get out alive. Even though Deeks was somewhat annoying (he is my fave character though so I can't complain too much), he sure was the comedic relief. Especially with them being trapped in and shot at. 

Callen and the rest of the team are going off all over the world to try and convince every one that the missile launch was just hoax but as they expected, they all wanted proof of that and couldn't just go by their word. 

That's where Deeks and Kensi come in. Once they finally get out of their box, their mission is to track down the people that spilled the beans on the missile attack and had proof of the said attack. In the end, they finally get what they came after, though it wasn't easy, that's for sure.

Eric and Nell are still no where to be seeing. But they were mentioned. Seems to be that Nell's mother isn't doing well at all. I sense a funeral happening in the near future. Though it's awfully sad, it'll be nice to have Eric and Nell back home.

There's a few other questions too that need to be settled. Will Harm and Mac start things up again now that they've seen each other after 9 years? You can still sense something between them, big time. And Fatima and Sam. Surely I am not the only one who thinks something might happen between them. I'm not sure if Sam has had enough time though to process everything that's happened to him in the past, but I'm sure by now he's ready to move on and be happy. Or maybe Callen, but I think he needs to rest in the love department right now, seeing as what happened to the last two women he dated. 

At the end, it's one big celebration. Just like Hetty, I too have missed these moments of them all in one room. But the celebration for Sam and Callen will soon come to an end when Hetty tells them she needs them to stay behind. She said it's not quite a mission "That's too formal of a word" so in other words, it's more then likely something off book that she needs them to research. I was hoping we'd go back to normal cases and the team working together again, but guess that'll just have to wait for now. But I'm very intrigued to find out what Hetty wants Sam and Callen to do.