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Riverdale "Fast Times At Riverdale High" Episode Recap

Things are back to normal in Riverdale.

Or as normal as they can be. Because you know, Cheryl is hiding a dead body. That's actually the only real secret right now and she's having a tough time keeping it hidden. It was almost found twice. Once by Toni and another time by Reggie. Makes me wonder who's actually gonna find the dead body.

Of course the core four don't have an easy start to their senior year either. After their celebration the night before, they overslept and are late to school. But that just gives them the chance to meet the new Principal. Principal Honey who goes by rules no matter what. And he burns bridges left and right. First by cancelling the back to school dance just because the last one had too many murders in it. Ok, that is a big deal but he's new in town and this town has killings. But you do not want to get on Cheryl's bad side. However, it looks like he'll get the chance to see why. Not only did he cancel the school dance, he shut down the party that Cheryl decided to throw instead of the school dance. So not cool. 

Jughead gets offered a chance to go to Stonewall Prep because one of the teachers there that was on the contest board was so impressed with Jughead's writing that he offered Jughead a place there! That place is so amazing and fancy but the people there are, well, rich and snotty. But maybe we just have to get to know them more because Jughead seems to love it there. Jughead really is a lot smarter then we think and he's so bored at the normal school. At first, he doesn't want to transfer but by the end of the episode, Betty can't stand seeing Jughead suffer that she tells him it's ok to go and he does. But I have a bad feeling about him going. Of course it didn't help that they showed a Spring Break clip of them looking for a missing Jughead.

Veronica is getting hassled by the paps because someone leaked info that Veronica was the real reason why her parents are behind bars. While that is true, Veronica still isn't thrilled about having the truth leaked out and can't go literally anywhere without the paps cornering her. After Veronica realizes that it's her father that actually leaked the news because "You're a Lodge", she decides to make her own stand and put the rumors to rest and tell the truth. Another reason why she's my favorite character. Veronica ends up deciding to change her last name to Gomez because the Lodge name is tainted. 

Archie is back to his normal self. I'm glad they kind of did a rewipe of the characters in a way. I've missed the good boy Archie. Archie realizes that Reggie's home life is not good at all. We only see Reggie's father a couple times but neither one were pleasant visits and then the next time Reggie messed up, he ended up with a black eye. It totally explains the attitude Reggie has towards MadDawg and towards everybody in general because he can't have someone be better at him. He's always been jealous of Archie and Fred's relationship. But Archie was a good friend and helped Reggie realize that he needs to get his father's attention to actually have a sit down and talk instead of just beating up the poor kid. Reggie's big idea is to beat up the only thing his dad ever loved. His car. Seems to have gotten his attention, but let's hope it actually fixes it. And Archie convinced MadDawg to return to school with him!

Betty is working with Charles on trying to find the Farm and Alice. Betty is worried that something's wrong with Alice because she has missed several of her check ins with Charles. So they decide to rope Kevin in since Kevin is still in touch with Fangs because everybody left him and Fangs is the only one who would talk to Kevin. So you can't blame him for still talking to the guy. Let's hope Kevin can be trusted (a small part of me wonders if he can't, but it's Kevin, so...) because Betty decides to tell him the whole truth and so far it might have lead to a possible place with the Farm is located.

So far the only mystery is where the Farm is and if Alice is still alive. Well, that and whoever is gonna find JJ's body first in the creepy basement of Cheryl's house. But it feels more like season 1 to me and I've missed this.