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Riverdale "In Memoriam" Season Premiere Episode Recap

Grab a box of tissues because you are gonna cry your eyes out at this one!

It starts out normal. Jughead is narrating about how everything went back to normal. That the Farm is more of a memory now and everything that has happened with all that has calmed down now and the town is going back to what passes for normal for them.

It's nice to see a smooth start to the show. Nothing too crazy or weird until we get to Cheryl. Who is having actual conversations with Jason in some sort of room in her house. And then she finds out the news by reading the paper.

That the town has decided to go through with having a 4th of July celebration. Talk about flashback to season 1. So I'm hoping this means all of season 4 will be nothing too weird. I'm done with G&G for a while/forever. Go back to mystery or murder mysteries. Cheryl is none too pleased that this has happened. She thinks that the celebration is a curse because of what has happened in the past. But things changed and it looks like Cheryl had a change of heart at the end.

The normality of the show is now gone. I knew once Archie's phone rang, what call was coming through. The call to say that Fred Andrews has passed away.

Everybody gathers to celebrate such an amazing dad. He was my favorite on the show. Such a normal character compared to the rest of the crazy parents. They don't think they can get the body until after the 4th due to the holiday. But Archie has the weird dream that makes him realize he's the one who has to go get the body himself.

So he drags his friends out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to make an however long trip (since I don't think they said) to get the body and Reggie just somehow managed to have a hearse that he let's Archie borrow.

Ok, I love Mrs. Andrews. I hope she sticks around more now. Because Archie went to go pick up the body and since he's underage, he can't. But whatever Mrs. Andrews said to the caretaker guy made him think otherwise and release the body.

This is where things get super hard for Archie. Not that he wasn't already struggling before. But now he learns that they caught the guy who killed Fred and let him go because of how they have to go about doing things. Archie gets so mad that he hunts the guy down himself! Only to find out that it was the guys son, who actually did the hit and run. The guys son looks like he's barely a teen and took the car without permission and his dad was trying to cover up for his son. And like Archie said, this is exactly what his father would have done for him.

I loved the story behind the death though. That they made Fred out to be a hero and that's the kind of parent/man he was. He pulled over to the side of the road to help a lady change a flat tire and he ended up being the only one who pulled over to do that. Archie met the lady and she's so sweet. She feels terrible for what happened, but Archie learns that Fred pushed the lady out of the way and saved her. 

Cheryl told Mrs. Andrews she wants to make their family not feel so left out after a death like this. She's been there and she didn't want anyone else to feel like that. So, I'm guessing she's the one that rallied the town to do the parade in honor of Fred. This is where my tears came into play and I hardly ever cry in shows or I can at least hold them back. But not only did Sheriff Jones want to give Fred a police escort, the minute the cars hit the town, the whole town was there with signs and everything to welcome them back.

Now the funeral. Which was very beautiful. And somehow paid for by Hiram. Veronica wanted to help out but her dad beat her to it. I'm sure he'll hold that over her head later. 

The backyard firework scene was the ending. They did this because of one of Archie's favorite memories of their family. It was very touching and very hard for Archie who then later snuck off to the garage and paid one final tribute to Fred/Luke and silently cried to himself.